Dental Health: Common Denture Challenges and Simple Solutions

6 January 2017
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There are numerous reasons attached to extensive tooth loss in adults. Poor oral hygiene and failure to have caries treated after occurrence are major problems that cause eventual degradation of the teeth. In addition, this dental loss can be caused by poor nutrition, tooth grinding and even severe trauma to the oral area. Fortunately, you can replace your lost teeth with dentures. This is an orthodontic device manufactured using acrylic or nylon and false teeth, and it fits over the gum, replacing the lost dental structures. Read More 

Mini but not “Minor” Dental Implants: 5 Great Things about Mini Dental Implants

5 January 2017
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Over the last few years, the many benefits of mini dental implants have become apparent in the field of dentistry. This is especially true for the 35 million Americans that have lost all their teeth, as dentures often fit poorly and require a dental adhesive to remain relatively stable. Traditional Implants Vs Mini Implants Mini implants range from 1.8-3mm in diameter while traditional implants are larger, at 3.75mm, and although not enough conclusive research currently exists regarding mini implants, most dentists prefer to use traditional implants due to their proven track record. Read More 

Milk: 3 Ways It Can Protect Your Dental Health

3 January 2017
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Milk is much more than a tasty drink; it can also help to strengthen your teeth, protect against decay and be a useful tool during a dental emergency. Below is a guide to 3 ways in which milk can help to protect your dental health. Milk is a great source of calcium Milk is a fantastic source of calcium. Calcium is a vital mineral which helps to keep your bones and teeth healthy. Read More 

Why Trust 3D Printing For Your Dental Crowns

30 December 2016
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In the dental crown world, 3D printing technology perfectly restores damaged teeth. The technology not only makes your teeth more beautiful and stronger, it also keeps them looking natural. There are many benefits to this type of technology. It's metal free. High-grade ceramic material fits perfectly to the natural tissue present in your mouth. It's fast. 3D printing boasts countless advantages over conventional crown technology. Here are a few other of the advantages: Read More