Dental Health: Common Denture Challenges and Simple Solutions

6 January 2017
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There are numerous reasons attached to extensive tooth loss in adults. Poor oral hygiene and failure to have caries treated after occurrence are major problems that cause eventual degradation of the teeth. In addition, this dental loss can be caused by poor nutrition, tooth grinding and even severe trauma to the oral area. Fortunately, you can replace your lost teeth with dentures. This is an orthodontic device manufactured using acrylic or nylon and false teeth, and it fits over the gum, replacing the lost dental structures. In general, dentures are convenient and relatively economical. On the other hand, you might experience some problems when you start wearing dentures. Here are some of the most common challenges and their solutions.

Poor Denture Fit

When you lose your teeth, the gums and the bone that originally supported your teeth will start changing slowly. The difference might be imperceptible at the beginning, but the alteration will be apparent after some time. If you were fitted with dentures while this change was taking place, then the devices will stop fitting snugly after some time. This can cause you extensive discomfort and distress, and you might have difficulty eating and talking. If this happens to you, you should consult your dentist for assistance. The dentures are not faulty, but you will need to have them modified or replaced to match your new gum and bone structure.

Movement of Dentures

In general, dentures will fit into the mouth and stay in their place. However, when a dental patient starts wearing the devices, there might be some unexpected shifting. This can be attributed to the fact that the wearer is still not comfortable with the product and might keep shifting it in the mouth. If you experience this issue, you should consider using denture adhesive. As implied, this is a special product with bonding properties. It will secure the denture to your gum, preventing unnecessary shifting. When using an adhesive, ensure that you have followed the outlined instructions. In addition, this should never be used on ill-fitting or old dentures.

Eating Challenges

When you start wearing dentures, you might experience some trouble eating. This is a common problem for beginners because they are not accustomed to thinking of the dentures as their own teeth. You can slowly familiarise yourself with the process by eating soft foods in small manageable bites. In addition, chew all your food slowly and avoid sticky foods because they are often problematic for a new wearer. Eventually, you will be accustomed to eating with dentures.