Why Trust 3D Printing For Your Dental Crowns

30 December 2016
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In the dental crown world, 3D printing technology perfectly restores damaged teeth. The technology not only makes your teeth more beautiful and stronger, it also keeps them looking natural. There are many benefits to this type of technology. It's metal free. High-grade ceramic material fits perfectly to the natural tissue present in your mouth. It's fast. 3D printing boasts countless advantages over conventional crown technology. Here are a few other of the advantages:


The technology utilizes strong and tooth-colored materials that restore your teeth to their natural function, beauty, and strength. The materials closely match your teeth structure's composition.


Unquestionably, milled ceramic is stronger compared to the conventional methods of pressing and layering. You're guaranteed that your smile will remain beautiful for many years.

Long lasting fillings

The technology uses materials that are made from porcelain. This makes them more durable compared to the white composite fillings.


With the 3D technology, there's no need for putting on a temporary crown. That fact eliminates potential discomfort significantly.


Dentists make 3D printed crowns in just one single visit. It goes miles to save you considerable time away from both family and job.

Easily accessible biocompatible metal powders

Surgical implants, including dental crowns, must generate certain responses from neighboring tissues and cells. Your tooth's surface strongly affects cell behavior (proliferation, morphological changes, functional alteration, and adhesion). Surface energy, surface chemistry, and surface topography highly influence the biological response to a dental crown.

A great attribute about the 3D printing technology is that the technology guarantees high purity of the printed parts. The entire process preserves the properties of the materials. That way, you'll be able to enjoy purified dental crowns.

Inexpensive dental crowns

Because the materials needed to produce 3D printed crowns are readily available, the capital required is reduced drastically. It not only enables individual customization but also makes getting crowns affordable. What's more is the fact that customized products offer superior relief which results to a quicker recovery.

With 3D printing technology for dental crowns, failure risks are reduced drastically. This is because the technology is more accurate compared to the traditional crown technology.

Well-tailored medical devices result to fewer downside effects as well as successful patient recovery. 3D printing technology is reshaping the current supply chains for an array of orthopedic implants, reducing long lead-times and high-costs. Trust this technology to help you get your dental crowns within the same day.