Why You May Still Need to Be Vaccinated Against Eradicated Diseases

28 December 2016
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog


Some adults may think that it isn't necessary to be vaccinated against some diseases that have been eradicated in the country. However, several compelling reasons make it necessary for adults to be vaccinated against such rare diseases. This article discusses some of those reasons.

Protection Against Imported Diseases

In this era, people travel into the country from different parts of the world. A traveller may come with a disease, such as measles, that was eliminated in your country. Such a person can spread the disease to you if you were not vaccinated against that particular disease. It is therefore prudent for you to get that vaccination as a protective measure against such cases of illnesses that are imported into the country. 

Contributing to Community Immunity

Diseases can become endemic in case they break out in a community that was not vaccinated against them. Such endemic outbreaks can cause untold suffering and inconveniences to everyone, including those who didn't contract the disease. For instance, your movements may be restricted during a quarantine that is imposed in your area in case a major disease outbreak occurs. Such major outbreaks can rarely occur if the majority of the population in your area was vaccinated against that particular disease. Infections will therefore be isolated, and the disease will not affect you if you were vaccinated.

Protection When You Travel

It is also advisable for you to be vaccinated against some diseases that don't exist in your country if you travel to parts of the world where the risk of contracting that disease is high. For instance, polio is still prevalent in many countries around the world. It may therefore be necessary for you to be vaccinated against that disease in case your research reveals that polio exists in the countries that you are planning to visit.

Protection of Future Generations

As already mentioned, you can easily be exposed to a preventable disease if you are exposed to an infected traveller. Such a disease may infect your unborn child. That child can then develop complications, such as physical deformities and learning disabilities. Vaccination against rare diseases can ward off such prenatal transmission of those diseases.

As you can see, it is never wise to let down your guard and become complacent just because a certain disease was eradicated from your country. Always receive the vaccinations that are recommended or required by your government so that you stay safe from those preventable diseases. It is also advisable for you to ask experts for advice on vaccination before you travel out of your country.