Interesting Facts About Vascular Ultrasounds

26 September 2022
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In the medical world, doctors have access to a broad range of imaging modalities. One of those modalities is ultrasound. While you may usually associate ultrasounds with looking at the health of babies, they're also useful for investigating how your veins are working. If this is an imaging modality you're not familiar with, here are some facts about vascular ultrasound you may not know. They're Non-Invasive If you're not a fan of needles and anaesthesia, here's some great news: they're not needed when you need this type of imaging. Read More 

How Your Health Centre Can Support Your Family After Trauma

24 May 2022
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Trauma can take many forms, and when one person experiences trauma in a family, it usually impacts the whole family in some way. It may be a death in the family, a life-altering accident, a serious assault, a terminal illness or the breakdown of a key relationship. But regardless of the cause of the trauma, families don't have to struggle through it alone. Your family health centre can offer a range of supportive services that can either be accessed through an appointment with your GP or by self-referring through your health centre's website. Read More