Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist: How To Choose An Eye Doctor

23 September 2014
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Knowing the difference between an ophthalmologist and optometrist is important in ensuring you receive quality services for your eye problems. Each of these two eye specialists is ideal for specific cases. This piece seeks to highlight vital information about each of these specialties. You will also learn which of them is perfect for what eye problem. Ophthalmologist An ophthalmologist is a doctor of osteopathic (DO) or medical doctor (MD) trained to offer a full spectrum of eye and vision care (eye examinations, medical eye care, contact lenses, vision services and surgical eye care). Read More 

Causes and Treatments of Bunions

10 July 2014
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If you are a bunion sufferer, you know all too well how painful they can be. Even if you’re unsure whether or not you have a bunion, your best bet is to visit a podiatrist for a professional evaluation. What is a Bunion? If you’re experiencing pain in the joint at the base of your big toe, you likely have a bunion. The joint will appear bulbous or enlarged. Typically, a bunion causes your big toe to bend inward toward your other toes, overlapping your second toe. Read More